Threading is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. It is most commonly practiced in India and other parts of Middle East, and it is quickly gaining popularity in the west.

How does threading work?

Unwanted hair is removed by positioning twisted cotton thread over the hair lines. The middle part of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the practitioner’s hand, winding the thread a few times to create tension. The loop is positioned to trap the unwanted hair so that it can be easily plucked from the skin.


How is threading better than waxing or tweezing?

Unlike tweezing or waxing, threading

  • creates a more precise shape
  • removes fine hairs
  • is 100% natural
  • creates no ingrown hairs
  • uses no chemicals
  • is safe for patients using Retin-A, Accutane
  • is safe for all skin types

Does threading hurt?

While everyone has a different pain tolerance level, most people agree that threading hurts less than waxing.

What parts of the body can be threaded?

We offer threading for eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns, chin, neck, or the full face. Please call for pricing.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment for threading is recommended although we take walk-ins up until 30 minutes before closing time. Please expect to wait if you do not have an appointment, as we will try our best to fit you in.