Juvederm Filler for Kissable Lips

Happy New Year everyone!  Now that it is officially 2014 it is time to get started on those resolutions; new year, new you.  While most of your resolutions probably revolve around fitness and health (as they should), why not make one to get new, gorgeous kissable lips and enter into the New Year with that sexy pout you’ve always wanted.  And no ladies, I am not talking about duck lips or fake looking lips.  I am talking about a subtle plumping of the lips that will make them more kissable for 2014. 

All of us have seen those lips we want to aspire to have.  That perfect, sexy pout that many celebrities have on the red carpet and we wish we could have, well this perfect pout is very attainable and why not use the New Year as your motivation to get it?      

 The product that is used to do this procedure is Juvederm, which is a gel filler from Allergan.  The filler can be used to plump the lip area and give you that perfect pout.  A numbing cream can be used to reduce the pain of the procedure and ice is used immediately after to reduce any swelling. 

Juvederm is $490 a vial at Shanti.  The great thing about this product is that since Juvederm is a part of the Allergan family, you can use a Brilliant Distinctions (Allergan’s reward program) coupon for it or even get points for your next treatment, and don’t we all love a good discount. 

So with this New Year upon us, do something for yourself that will make you feel unbelievably sexy and confident.  New year, new you.

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